Atlanta native, Kevin Carman is a self taught multi-medium artist, who has been creating and exhibiting nationwide since 1994. His compelling works have received honors in both solo and group exhibitions alike. He travels far and wide to collect materials and inspiration to produce on site mosaic and sculptural installations, as well as other various private commissions. Through the use of unique materials, color, texture and multiple techniques; powerful thought and emotion evoking themes are visualized. Carman's work, concerned always with nature and balance, conveys a sense of harmony and peace. Kevin's work can be found from the LA Riverbanks to the Florida Coastlines. His talent has also been showcased as one of the international artists appearing in Maggy Howarth's book, " The Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook". Currently Kevin has a residency at Art City Studios in Ventura, CA where he shares in the creative experience of an internationally renowned group of artists.



“my work is always evolving in multiple directions. to what end i haven't a clue. i am constantly compelled to make something.
i receive ideas which germinate in my mind. the ones that take hold are expressed through various media. that used to be specifically painting, then mosaics. now i find my ideas are more suited to a multi-dimensional approach. sculpture and assemblage have also become strata for my personal iconography.
          i like to collect the majority of the material i use. in doing this, i've come to realize an affinity i have with the natural world. where ocean meets land in particular. a very dynamic and tumultuous place. constantly creating and destroying itself. very similar to my internal dialogue as a human and artist. stone, shell, fossil, bone, wood. all essential elements of this environment, as well as my current creative process. seeing them in their natural state, helps to inform the direction of my work. speaking to me organically, through size, shape, color, geographical context and history. the ideas for current and future projects are born here.....”

Kevin Carman
self taught artist. jolly adventurer